17 Ideas for Sex

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Are you saturated with routine? Not your wife's
want to try new things? Perhaps
It's time to think about alternatives ... Already
Have you thought about being with a date?

How about hours of pure adventure and
Crazy sex?
Getting out of the rut often means having sex
in other places, such as on the beach or in public settings ... But it can also be
your home! You can call a
have an incredible time without leaving comfort
of your home. In order to enjoy it better,
here are some spicy ideas:

Let's start with the kitchen:

1. The companion may lie on her stomach on the kitchen table,
supporting your legs on your shoulders, allowing you to penetrate
deep and quite stimulating.

2. Sit in the kitchen chair and place the companion on your lap,
allowing a perfect fit, which allows to maintain a strong eye contact

3. A more interesting ... place her leg on the counter and leave the other
on the floor, being able to penetrate completely from behind.

4. You can also use the counter as a support for yourself, or for the
sit down, doing what your imagination dictates, at an oral level ...
Coming out of the cold of the kitchen, we go to the comfort of the room:

5. Place the companion face down on the arm of the sofa and keep the legs
her wide open for penetration from behind.

6. Still on the arm of the couch, lean your lower back and push it in.

7. What do you think of riding on your lap? So come on ... sit on the couch.
comfortably and sit her on your lap with her back to you and let her ride.

8. Do you have a long sofa? Then came the big luck: this type of sofa is
excellent for the famous 69!

9. Is the sofa tight? No problem, put the companion close together
of your body and, on the side, penetrate it.
After the heat of the room, we're going to have to go somewhere cooler ... do not you think?
Let's move to the bathroom:

10. Do you see the washbasin (very cold by the way)? Let her rest her hands,
the tail of it and penetrate it behind. You can enjoy the position facing you
to the mirror, to see all the pleasure it will give you.

11. Let's go to the bathtub ... put it on your back, lean it against the wall and
raise your feet slightly to facilitate penetration from behind.

12. Sit in the tub and put it on your lap, front or back and leave it
After the foam and the water, it is time to get out of the bathroom. Let's make a
passing by the engine room, in a quickie to put the laundry to wash:

13. Do you see the washing machine? It is perfect to support the escort and make-
You know what?

14. Of course the washing machine still serves as a support to put it on its back
for himself, opening his legs a little, so that he could penetrate from behind.
Before you say goodbye to the stairs? Come on:

15. Place her four steps above you, for her to receive stimuli of
back (for example with the mouth or tongue).
16. This position mentioned above also allows you to enter the companion
from behind.

17. Finally, sit down on a step and place it on top of yourself for a
stimulating penetration, on the back or if you prefer.
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