7 reasons to have anal sex

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Anal sex can be considered one of the biggest taboos that exists when it comes to sex. Many people judge him and associate him only with sex between homosexuals, and because of prejudice, as perverted, which is not considered "normal." The escorts Lisboa, has benefited from conservatism. This is one of the reasons men seek escort services in Lisbon.

However, the practice of anal sex is increasingly present among heterosexuals. Nowadays, people are starting their sexual life much younger than a few years ago, and women are increasingly enjoying sexual freedom.

To be able to get an idea, in 1992 a survey was conducted in the United States, with women between 18 and 24 years old, to know how many of them had already had anal sex, and the result was that 16% said yes. Nowadays, this number has already risen to 40%.

In the same survey, but with women of all age groups, the result was 33% in 1992, and today the percentage rises to 46%.

Although this number is growing, the anus remains one of the most unexplored and misunderstood erogenous zones. Most women feel fear because they think it will be painful, when in reality it can be something that will give them and their partner much satisfaction if done in the right way.

Many men are practically obsessed with this sexual practice, especially because it is so loud that it is "forbidden," and it is very important that women do not just to please you, but because they feel like it too.

If you do not want to, your partner should understand and respect your limits in every way. However, if the woman feels safe and willing to experiment, a little practice and patience will make her enjoy this moment.

Here are 7 reasons to have anal sex:

1. Physiological reasons:

There are physiological reasons that make a woman pleasure in anal sex: the muscles that cause her to orgasm, and all terminations are put into play during the sexual act, including anal sex, in addition to the edge of the anus becomes supersensible when well stimulated.

Although it seems hard to believe, there is no need for penetration so that the woman can enjoy; only kisses and caresses on this part of the body are enough for her to feel pleasure.

2. It is an antidote to pain:

Both anal and vaginal sex prevent and calm tension-related pains such as headaches, menstrual cramps, spasms of the digestive tract, muscle aches and PMS (premenstrual tension). In addition to the feeling of euphoria and calm that feels due to the release of endorphins and oxytocines through orgasm, the level of natural corticosteroids that have analgesic properties increases.

3. The elixir of longevity:

Anal sex can also be beneficial to your health due to the absorption of selenium - a mineral with a high antioxidant power that helps prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system - through sperm, which is its natural source. Studies have shown that among gay men, where anal sex is frequent, life expectancy has grown in proportion to the amount of selenium received. Since the woman is not a natural producer of this mineral, she needs the help of the man to introduce it via the anal. In this way, selenium comes directly to the blood, unlike what happens when introduced orally, since it loses its force when it comes in contact with the gastric juices, and vaginally it weakens when it comes in contact with the millions of micro -organisms that exist in this area. Therefore, natural anal sex is scientifically recommended in humans. In this case girl like Diana Escort, does not benefit in providing a full service for security reasons. Now, it should not be forgotten that NEVER the penis should be penetrated into the vagina soon after penetrating the anus; it is very important that it be sanitized or the condom and already changed, as it can carry different bacteria and cause illness.

4. It can be very tasty:

Women like to practice anal sex because they make them feel wonderful. It feels totally different from traditional sex with vaginal penetration. This feeling of something different can increase pleasure even more.

5. Keeps you younger:

Another benefit of anal sex for women is that it keeps it looking younger as it increases estrogens in the body, which helps keep the skin smooth, wrinkle-free, the silhouette thinner, and the hair and eyes brighter . Therefore, the more anal sex practiced, the more the woman will remain young.

6. It's something perverse:

Almost all women fantasize about being the "evil", "spoiled" girl. This is one of the reasons why people love school uniform costumes and handcuffs because they are forbidden things, and this makes the sex act more tempting and pleasurable. Escorts as Marta Massage still mixes the BONDAGE AND DOMINA