Anal sex with Callgirl in Lisbon

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Anal sex is a kind of taboo between couples. Either it is a subject that is not spoken, or it is a subject that is seen with fear and many prejudices. The man who initiates the theme, in most cases, is the man and the negative reaction of the woman makes him feel demoralized ... and this is where some of the problems begin in the sexual life of a couple.

The routine, the quest to "poke the spot" in their sexual agenda, is fueled by lack of experience and novelty. Until one day, this "obligation" is simply gone. The couple is separated by a barrier of taboos that has been self-feeding.

Escort girl in Lisbon and the anal sex

Do you live in or around Lisbon? Coming in business? Why not take advantage of this distance to satisfy your desire? Why do not you have anal sex with a beautiful woman available in Lisbon?

Hiring an escort girl for this purpose is quite natural for a busy man, full schedule, as we know that is your case. Why waste time on a flirt that can get you to masturbate alone in a hotel room? Or receive a no, which is not accustomed to?

Spare yourself and also your time. Take advantage of our models and their experience to experience and feel the most intense orgasms you've ever imagined. Who knows, if after this experience you will not see the relationship with your different way?

Which position do you prefer?

Do you know all those images you created in your head or seen in videos online? There are positions that really only those who have a lot of practice or a good physical condition can do. However, there are positions that you can experience without problems and that will give you the greatest of pleasures. Of course, the condom and the lubricant can not be forgotten, everything so that your pleasure and the companion is prolonged as much as possible. Oh, and trust the tips of our models, that will do everything to give you the pleasure you deserve and that you owe.

The most conventional position is four, where you insert your penis from behind, while
The chaperone is on her hands and knees. No doubt this is where you will achieve greater penetration and greater satisfaction. At the same time, it can also stimulate the clitoris, caress the breasts and still palpate or pat on the tail.

Another position that will also ensure a good penetration is the horseback upside down. In this mode, whether sitting or lying down, the companion will open your buttocks well and receive your erect penis. Once they are both comfortable they can start moving up and down.

Anal sex in Lisbon, an experience to repeat

Whatever the position, be sure to consult the escort. Do not get carried away by pure desire, relax and have an experience of anal sex with escort woman in Lisbon that you will never forget.
And be rested, our Lisbon escorts are not only chosen for their beauty, but also for their sensuality and description. If you want to know more about who can satisfy you this most intense desire, you can visit our page dedicated to escort girls and choose.