Benefits of sex

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Having sex besides helping to relax, has the effect of helping improve the mood did you know? It also has several benefits for both mind and body. With this we can realize that a sexual relationship goes much further than reaching orgasm.
Do you know what benefits we're talking about? Get to know the 9 main benefits that we consider most important.
1 - Sex helps you to lose weight. Studies have shown that women lose about 69 calories in a 30-minute sexual relationship.
2 - After orgasm, the body has the ability to release hormone that will help you to sleep in a deeper and more relaxed way, having a great night's sleep and pleasure.
3 - Second studies conducted through sex can reduce stress and blood pressure.
4 - Men who have sex at least twice a week reduce their risk of heart disease after 20 years.
5 - Some studies already conducted indicate that women who have sex at least once a month are less likely to have breast cancer.
6 - Having sex regularly helps protect and strengthen the immune system.
Studies indicate that sex helps to relieve or to bring about constant headaches.
8 - Sex makes the brain more active.
9 - Sex is good for the skin, preventing aging.
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