Escort Girl And Sport

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Have you ever thought that having sex is the same as exercising on the street? Doing exercise does not have to be boring. You can dance, run, walk ... or just have sex.

In a sexual relationship, depending on the position and the intensity with which you do it, you can burn between 100 and 250 calories in just 30 minutes. Did you know that when you reach orgasm you lose 27 calories?

Sex is considered the most enjoyable form of exercise. Having sex, besides giving you pleasure, improves the quality of life and prevents diseases. The effort required causes the heart to work, tone the muscles, release stress, burn calories and help keep bones healthy, derived from the extra production of estrogen and progesterone. Is not that what we all want?

However, calorie burning depends on the position. The best option is to make many correct? So leave no doubt that burned many calories. For example, in the "ordinary" missionary position only burns 100 calories. But if the woman is above the man can burn 170 calories, after all the woman on top can help. So if you are traveling or on vacation do not miss out on exercise. Our Companion escorts can help, just choose and together you can practice a lot of exercise, sure to leave as tired as if you had gone to run. Tell her that you do not want to run like this with one of our Companion escorts.

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