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Do you love or have sex? Do you think it's the same thing?
The truth is that there are those who consider the same thing,
but if thinking well is not. Having sex is related
with sexual practice, that's all. When man and woman
to have sex is because both
they just want to "kill" sexual desire. They will do it and
ready, be it in the motel, in the car, in the bed ... It just goes
want her at that moment.

To make love, has a feeling to the mix. When you say
Are you going to make love, do not you feel anything? When you have a
relationship and if you really like the person, you know that the
make love has all the meaning, and it will not be lonely
a few more hours of pleasure ... In the end, you will feel happy
and that the woman at his side is the woman he loves and makes him so happy.

To realize the difference a bit, think about your conscious ... When you have sex you are
worried about the preliminaries? He worries about exploring the woman's body to
to be able to give pleasure? Do you care to look for new things that please both? No!
You simply want to satisfy yourself and have a good time.
That's what companies / escort agencies are for. Let him make love
to your girlfriend, or woman (which is always the same routine, confess!). How long
time does not do something different? Since the birth of your first child? Since they were
live together This is boring, we all know that men are always willing
crazy, crazy sex, adrenaline.

Today we want to tell you that in our escort agency we have some girls
for you. What do you think of a Portuguese companion? The saying goes: "The
which is national is good "!

Escorts Lisbon guarantees your description without having to worry. At
Carina Santos, our escort from Madeira Island, very sexy, uninhibited and who loves to be a
wild lover We still have our Iris
, which is available for men,
women and couples ... Does an experience at 3 seem right to you?
But check out the other Portuguese escorts that we have available, like the girls of the page models among others. Choose the one that suits you best, rest they do. You can make your reservation here.

Never heard of our agency? No problem .... Let's talk to him a little.
We are a company of escorts in Lisbon that has escorts and escorts
luxury, selected for their beauty, seriousness and description, something that we know to be
important for all our customers.

In addition to being available 24 hours a day, they are still in Lisbon, Cascais,
Estoril, Sintra, Almada, Oeiras and Costa da Caparica. Were you undecided? Nothing like
to experiment.