Lisbon calls me

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Lisbon is the city in Portugal where escorts can have great quality of life, earning a lot of money and having fun on this top touristic destination

Traveling around the main capitals of the world like an escort girlafter some time I arrived the capital of Portugal. A city that mixes many peoples and races like the Celts, Romans and Moors that promises to see beautiful and charming men that the mild climate allows to dress. Place where CR7 began the career of the SCP, I always fantasized the Portuguese as beautiful and educated men.

Through some contacts of friends in portugal, works well with escort agency and some portuguese sites. Get tips on important points in Lisbon. Learn why Lisbon is a great city to escorting:

Because it is a very developed city for big business, arts, culture, gastronomy and tourism. You will find people from all over the world where architecture, the sun and the hills harmonize with the particularity of each person.

Arriving in Lisbon by plane, you will see from the sky the perfect combination of the Tagus River on the south side of downtown Lisbon and the Atlantic Ocean and bathing your sunsets extensive sand line for fun or stroll on the Marginal.

After some work, you can enjoy the designer shops on Avenida da Liberdade and relax looking at the entire history of São Jorge Castle in the late afternoon in the shadow of the purple flowers that bloom from the lush Jacaranda near Largo do Carmo.

In the middle of May begins the hottest weather that promotes all the wealth of Portuguese culture with people much better prepared with the heat. Filling the esplanades of Rossio until late at night in search of the best sardine in the most tourist places of the city where where the high class escort girls relax, drinking a good sangria.

You can also enjoy all this beautiful experience making money by being a chaperone and visiting all those places and tastes with your tourist client to know the points of interest, going to clubs in Lisbon or a night of Fado in Bairro Alto.

Without forgetting that you can visit the Pilar 7 experience of the first bridge crossing the river Tagus, the so-called 25 de Abril Bridge with a panoramic view of the river and the city to take a breath or cross the longest bridge in Europe that connects the area from expo 98 that was an old naval warehouse and today a luxurious area near the Gare do Oriente to easily reach the Freeport Fashion Outlet and have a store bathroom with great fashion brands.

Enjoy the best of the regional products that Portugal offers such as Bacalhau à Lagareiro, Quinta da Bacalhôa wines with Chardonay Catarina, washed with fresh olive oil from the shellfish of Avenida Almirante Reis, and then stroll along the river through Alcântara and Torre from Bethlehem to the sunset.

I am sure that if you want to be an escort girl in Lisbon, you will gain a lot to enjoy all these attractions and Acompanhantes luxo em Lisboa with great emotion, good views, flavors and excitement.

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